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About HIM

HIM is an Australian organisation founded by Diane & Ferdinand Miltenburg along with Christine Secretan whose aims are simply to share the hope of Christ with others.

HIM stands for Hope International Ministries, and is founded and based in Mt Morgan, Central Queensland, Australia, a beautiful small town of 3000 people and once the richest gold mining town in the world.

HIM brings 'Hope' to many people through its initiatives in Australia and in other places throughout the world, and this is none more evident than in its wide distribution of the Hope Chest, the regular publication of Hope International Ministries.

Diane & Ferdi Miltenburg regularly travel as part of their calling and have preached in a number of unusual places in Australia, and overseas. In addition to their travel, Ferdi & Diane also pastor a congregation in Mt Morgan and oversee the ministry there.

HIM is located at:
1 Cornes Street
Mt Morgan, Qld, 4714

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